Monday, August 18, 2008


The most amazing thing happened today. For starters I got off my butt and started going back to the gym, but thats a whole other Blog! Anyways I have been providing religious services at a local state prison for a while now. Since their are so few of us (four) who go in prisons in California, inmates often seek correspondence courses to learn and study various Pagan paths.

SEEK being the operative word. I get a lot of requests by inmates to locate Covens, groups and organizations to correspond with them via snail mail. Some are looking for a group in their area after parole and some are just looking for guidance. All have a hard time finding anyone who will respond to them.

So, some of the inmates where I go had found a really nice Wiccan organization that has been sponcering them with correspondence courses. Today I received a very nice letter from the organizer of that group. She wrote about her experiences with the guys I visit and went on about how well they are doing in their courses.

Apparently they have had a lot of pleasant things to say about me and she in turn thanked me for volunteering my time and services. That was amazing enough, just the gesture of a written letter. The professional courtesy of a "hand shake" is nearly unheard of. I have been soured by so many Grand Poobah Witch king cult leaders trying to tear me down and invalidate me. See previous post.

I have been told I am not a true Wiccan, although they have now idea what I am doing, they are sure that what I do is not Wicca. Because their lineage is to the only true Wicca. Please, not another one true religion.

She not only thanked me, she sent a ten dollar cash donation to help with gas!!!

Acquisitio is about gain. I am not talking about ten bucks here. Today I gained back just a bit of faith in others, total strangers! And I can get farther on that bit of faith than I can on a several hundred dollars in gas.

Faith gets more miles per gallon. Thank you Kia, for filling up my tank.

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My Gal said...

Woot! Anytime I can get a bit of my faith in the world back, I consider it a great moral victory :)

Go team and congrats!

The great bitch fest over who's particular spoke of the wheel is the RIGHT path, would be more amusing if it was farther away :)