Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Birth of a Notion...

Peer pressure...thats why I am blogging. why not? All my friends are doing it. All the cool kids are hip to it, I want to be cool too. And plus I am Lazy. I hate to write, you remember that? How to write with a real pen or pencil? They were neat, they came in different colors, makes and models. And just like cars you get tired and cramped after driving them for extended periods of time.

Well I must warn you before you proceed any further, I hate to write but I can type all night.

Ever since my Birthday in January of this year I have been "Journaling". (I am a guy and we don't keep a diary, we keep a *Journal* there IS a difference.) So I have been journaling my experiences with Tarot cards, but I have approached them from my own angle. Get used to this.

The INK BLOT TAROT. I only recently really started to take the Tarot a teeny weeny bit seriously, and in my browsing of decks and books I realized...there are a lot. So many. Too many. Why? How can one set of cards have sooooooooo many different and conflicting meanings and symbolism?

So....who is right? or best? Better? Good? Halfway decent? Or justb ok? Ask around and if you know half as many people as I do, you will get lots of different answers. Putting you right back here with me. Get in line. So who is to say? And who is to say, who is to say? See what I'm saying?

So, I figured I will develop my own *personal* understanding and interpretations of the Tarot and then compare it with the textbook divinatory meaning. So I selected the Waite-Rider deck and "The Pictorial Key to the Tarot" by Waite.

I call it the *Ink Blot Tarot* because that's how I approach them, as inkblots. And I have learned more than I ever expected...about myself. So, I will seemingly randomly blog my gut spilling analysis of the cards as they come. Go make some popcorn.

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Jason Miller, said...

Welcome to the club.

I am linking to you now.