Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Chariot

Holy crap this was a hard card. I've been working on it for a few days and it was... a process. Some cards come quick and easy and best of all, painlessly. We all love those good cards, but growth doesn't come from whats easy or everyone would be doing it.

So I've been studying the card very carefully, very intently. Much of my Magical the last few years has been through focus and intensity. It works, so apply it to everything right? (psst...wrong)

Your know those pictures you gatta stare at and "unfocus" your eyes to see some three dimensional object? autostereogram, I have always been able to see them without any problems. The secret is not to un- focus your eyes, it's to un-focus your mind*

Right around the time the vultures of despotism began circling, I un-focused.

The Chariot was the original SUV. It's not about the destination it's about the journey. Linear thought is out the window here, there is no end destination, no finish line. You don't just do college, career, marriage, two car garage, 2.3 kids, retirement and thats it, you've won!

The Chariot is not about the path from point A to point B, but it is about our journey.

Anyone who knows me will grin when I say this, the sphinxes pulling the chariot are the "operative" and "speculative" aspects of motivation. Why do you go this way? What fuels you? Why are you doing what your doing? Why aren't you doing something else? And most importantly... how is that working out for you?

I have been asked "what motivates you to drive hours to get into a state prison, to do circle with convicted felons, without any personal protection, security or body armor... for free?!?!

The running joke is that my wife is tired of listing to me rant on and on about the craft and the inmates are..."a captive audience". the truth is, "operatively" I can. I lived a blessed life. I have the experience, the time, a loving wife who supports me and I get help with the gas money.

"Speculatively" speaking, if I don't it keeps me up at night. It's a calling, and my calling, our calling is no less than theirs. It's no different than Catholic Priests, Nuns or any other clergy. I was just built for it.

The one difference that does come to mind it that many, most, proselytize. My presence is requested. I am answering a call for help. This motivates me.

What does your Chariot look like? How well is it running? Is it getting you where your going? Are both sphinxes running in balance? Cause if their not it can be difficult to stay in course. Watch the bumps and try not to spill your popcorn.


My Gal said...

The biggest problem I have with this card is that the sphinex's are NOT moving. The lazy beasts of burden are laying down. I am so getting tired of getting all dressed up with no where to go :)

Love the tune up idea :)

Speculative... operative... love it love it love it :)

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Yeah I think about that too, and theres no road. behind him is water, so where did he come from?

I can apply the lazy boys to my interpretation, why aren't you doing anything?

Magic is a verb, and so is Live.