Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Five of Cups

We recognize a loss more than we do a gain. Ours eyes always fixed on what we want, what we can't have or what we've lost. We dwell on these deficiencies much longer than we appreciate the harvest of success. The figure morns the loss of three cups more than the possession of the two. This loss represents the life of excess. Our eyes are bigger than our stomach. As a country and as individuals we live and consume in excess. How many cups do we need?

For a moment think of the cups as oil, now electricity, food, water...Air.

The world is changing. We are running out oil, we're running out of room, compassion and patience. We need to start changing the way we live. But first we must change the way we think. Get over the three cups, appreciate that you still have two left. Take better care of them and use them wisely, or all we will have left behind for our children is split milk.

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