Thursday, August 14, 2008

Four of Pentacles

This card reminds me of the two of swords. The horizontal line divides the back ground from the foreground. The figure is seated between them.

I don't normally think of the pentacles as "coins" but I do here, they seem to be material possessions and although he may be crowned king, it is he who seems to be ruled by them, greed?

One dominates his crown, he clutches one for dear life and they are his only contact with the ground. His only means of standing. His foundation.

In the background lies the kingdom, the city, a concrete jungle. He may be
royalty, but without his coins he has no chance in "the wild".

What material possessions do I have a death grip on? and why?
Is it their monetary or intrinsic value? Do they validate a facade?
Is it my "trophy case" of alter tools that make me more Wiccan?
Or is it the thoughtful design and commitment to my craftwork?
Is it my crown that makes me a king? or is it my leadership?
Have I earned my rightful place or inherited it?

What you have doesn't make you who you are.
So loosen your grip and relax.
I am who I am.
With coins or without.

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