Sunday, August 10, 2008

Four of Swords

Sanctuary. The stained glass window just screams Sanctuary. The man wears armor, a knight. A warrior and defender of the faith. In peaceful repose he contemplates the three folds of his conflict. The Three swords hang over him. One threatens his mind, one his heart and another to his soul.

This scene resonates within me, even now. The path of a Wiccan Prison Chaplain is a mine field of social politics and I am currently negotiating the obstacle course of Chapel use. Sanctuary.

I know the laws and the regulations. I know the rules of engagement and I know when their being broken. So shall I cry havoc and charge into battle? A hero and a fool. (see card #0) The kicking and screaming tantrum is only socially acceptable if your being tazered. And is never a suitable substitute for the dogs of wars.

He is bathed in the golden light of Holy Solace. The forth sword, my sword, lay with me. The action of inaction. Peaceful and patient. Know you self and seek self improvement, even in the heat of battle. The arena of daily life. Stay centered. Remember your place and now your limits, with brutal honesty. And you will know theirs.

Even those long broad swords have a limits, its difficult to cut off my head with it one when I am hugging you. You don't stand a chance against my prayers. The battle has already been won.


Frater BH said...

Damn! Nicely done.

To me the four of swords is benevolent rulership of the mind. Which, in many ways what you just said, but you said it oh so much better than I.


P.S. I took your comment virginity. I tried to be gentle. Was your first time good for you?

WitchDoctorJoe said...

LMFAO! Yes, *lights a cigarette* and I am glad it was with someone special, it makes it more meaningful. LOL.