Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Magician

I have learned to be aware of my initial reaction to a new card. I hesitated when I pulled Death, but found that I could not shut up about it. I didn't realize how much I had in there. Who knew.

The seven of wands was a disappointment at first glance, but it gave me a new perspective on all cards and has inspired a new application of the Tarot in my prison program and my personal craft. who knew.

The Magician made me feel a bit of intimidated. Why? Is it a bigger card? No. Am I worried what you will think of my interpretation? No, but if I was, why this card and not the others? Who knows?

Because it's about me and a good, honest, public, self analysis can be intimidating sometimes. Or so I've heard, we'll see. So there I am with a snake for a belt, the ouroboros means so many things. To me the serpent is "earth wisdom" and its use as a belt signifies the practical application of it. The signature on my emails is one of my own quotes, one I am particularly proud of.

Knowledge is Power But Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge and Magic is the result. ~J.Nichter

As my circle of friends are fond of saying magic is a verb. Fr. BH has a blog Doing Magic, I love that title. So there I am Doing magic? No. I am not a magician in any sence of the word. I am a craftsman. The tools of my trade lay on my work bench. But what else is there? How big is my workbench? What else lays there unseen behind the window? Raw materials? or a finished product?

I am a work in progress and so is my craft. This blog is only a small part of it, like the cards, a small window, to see me, like the Tarot card I hold in my hand. I am the card your holding in yours, the craftsman. Who knew.

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