Friday, August 29, 2008

The Pink Hierophant

I do have a ritual. I center myself. I shuffle the deck. Three times. Cut it, quickly without thought or time to gauge the deck. Pull the top card, and just deal with it. As long as I follow this routine I deal with what I get, even if I already have.
After the earthquake of the Hierophant a few days ago, I felt some aftershocks. More stray thoughts on the theme. I chewed them back and moved on. My friend, there are no meaningless coincidences.

I am a Wiccan, but when I provide religious services at the prison I function as a "minority faith" chaplain. I run "interfaith" service programs on three separate yards. My congregations on those yards average 16-20 inmates. It is important to mentions that their not all Wiccans!

On one yard alone there are six Eclectic Wiccans, several Druids, an few Norse Pagans, two Sanitarians, a Voodoun, a Tibetan Buddhist, two Thelemites, a Ceremonial Magician, and a partridge in a Pagan pear tree.

But wait there's more! If you call now we'll include another big fat dose of diversity...absolutely free!!! That's rights folks we'll include a virtual rainbow of ethnicity! But that's not all... If you call in the next fifteen minutes we'll also include an assortment of sexual orientations and gang affiliations! That's right, operators are standing now....

I saw something amazing today, three times.

On the outside, eclectic groups fracture over disputes about "candle colors" or the order in which they call there quarters. The Hierophants quibble. Today I saw a group of Pagan men, convicted felons, of every shade of skin tone, join hands. They actively participate in a group ritual that was meaningful, spiritually beneficial and productive. And I got to watch.

They Changed the policy. For better and for worse. They get to use the chapel. But only when I show up. The chaplain must be in the chapel for inmates to be in there, any and all inmates. That's fair. It is a prison. So I bring the candles they can't have. I light it with the Bic lighter they can't have. I am the Pink Hierophant, I just open the circle. They fill it.


Frater BH said...


WitchDoctorJoe said...

Hahaha, like the Pink Elephant. LOL.

My Gal said...

Pink would also be the color you get when you mix the alchemical red and white :) Pink is really not such a bad color... There are no coincidences!

Fr. V. L. said...

This was amazing and powerful, thank you for sharing. The less someone has it seems the more spirit means. Remind me to try to see such meaning in spirit all the time. Socrates said, "Oh magnificent Pan, give me only that amount of material wealth that I may wisely use."