Tuesday, August 26, 2008


When I was taking my first seminary class, Survey of Chaplaincies, my instructor Patrick gave us very speculative assignments. "What do you think this would be like?" I found self analysis a very effective tool in teaching . "How do you think it will work?" asking you to "ink blot" something you don't know or based on what you may only know from movies and television. You've got to love the media. (rhetorical)

One of those questions was "What kinds of people (personality types) do you think you will encounter?" and I felt I had slight advantage to these assignments. I've been in several institutional settings. No, not prison. But jail once, for a short time. Then Job Corps, then the military. And these are as institutional as you can get. Lately I have began to identify these personalities with their Geomantic qualities.

Among my list of personalities was "The Sniper", he's the one always looking to take a shot at you. To make you look stupid, point out your mistake or exploit a contradiction in terms. To ask an unanswerable question whereby coming off smarter than you. As a Sergeant in the Army I made them do push ups, lots of them. *Grin*

Rubeus. There is one in every crowd, every circle, and every yard. Sneaky and patient, they wait for the perfect shot. But their Grinch like grin gives them away, long before they chamber a round. I am proud of myself, I don't flinch or shy away from the bullet. I catch it with my teeth. *Grin*

I am learning that I benefit from their surgical strikes. Like a crash test dummy, putting myself to the test. There is no room for Bull Shit, no tolerance. You talk your talk, you walk your walk, or roll up and go home. I benefit from the reality check, of my faith. There is no room for unrealistic fluffy 101 stuff. I like that. *Grin*

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