Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seven of Pentacles

Hmmm... the pentacles are the fruits of his labor. His harvest. He looks like
he is troubled, unfocused, unhappy or just too lazy to do the work. But there it is, ripe on the vine....waiting....waiting.....wait too long and it will rot away.

Our path, my path as a Wiccan is about harmony. Harmony with Nature, Myself and others. To be successful in our workings, we work in tune. We plant *in season*, we work our fields and we harvest *in season* or we fail, the crops fail, and we starve.

We talk about Magic. We read about magic. We scan the shelves of "our isle" at the bookstore, still looking for that one book. (You all know the book I'm talking about, we'll get to that another time.) But what do you DO? And how often do you actually do it? Are you the farmer in the Seven of Pentacles? I know I am from time to time.

Pick your fruit while it's ripe. Do the work when it needs to be done, or while it's available. Everything has it's season, and all seasons to shall pass. Stay in tune. Stay alive.

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