Monday, August 18, 2008

Seven of Wands

So I was exploring this card last night and it occurred to me *again* that what if this card was just a small window, showing only a portion of a larger scene? What would the rest of that scene reveal?

*Remember this is the Ink Plot Tarot, we're outside the box and off the map around here.

So I shared it with my wife... She says "he's spear fishing! Those are fish he's speared and he's about to get another one!" Her second thought was a scene from Gulliver's Travels, "look at the small landscape he standing on." I love that woman.

I see that he stands alone, prepared to defend himself. The lack of background, the clear blue sky seems to imply he may be on an elevated position. Near his foot an edge suggests a cliff and the battery on wands pants a picture of angry villagers, complete with torches and pitchforks.

So why is he defending himself? Why is he being attacked? Has he been backed into a corner with nowhere left to run? I have seen that happen. A group turns on an individual for evolving, ascending or just "aspiring".

"Oh no you don't! Stay down here with us! who do you think you are?" There are those who don't want you to succeed. Specially if your personal growth is a threat to their ego. Flush that social toilet and move on.

Or is he defending his position? King of the mountain? Only enough room at the top for me. A friend told me about a circle she was is once where the "leader" of the circle ranted about her life's hardships and used them to justify and reassert her self imposed authority on the rest of the group. I am in charge, my circle, mine, me. Me.

What am I defending? Myself, my position, my path, my Craft or my ego? Why do I need to defend them? And from who?

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