Friday, August 29, 2008

Six of Pentacles

Alms to the poor or less fortunate. I was raised to help those who are helping them selves. There are no free rides, I won't do it for you, but I will help you do it. These were the lessons of my youth. Mom would give me gas money to get to work, as long as I was working. They always helped me along the path, as long as I was walking it.

I have carried that with me, deeply ingrained. I see them holding signs at every intersection. Sitting there, waiting for you to just give it to them. I see others going through garbage cans looking for recyclables. I see few, dressed like lady liberty holding the sign during tax season. I would rather give him twenty dollars than the one sitting on his butt at the intersection a dime. I guess thats what the scales are for.

Long ago at, at the end of every month, the fortunate would take food to the crossroads at the outskirts of town. as an offering to Hecate. Her triple form statue in the center. They would pile up food and other offerings to her in appreciation for their bountiful success. Then they would ring her bell, and leave. Hearing the tolls, the poor would then go and take the food as an offering from Hecate.

Twice a year we host Hecates supper, everyone comes with non-perishables. Each person takes their turn leaving their offering at her altar and rings the bell. A shadowy women in a black hooded robe appears and holds out a cauldron. Reach in a receive your token, and small black candle to light your way, tied to it is a small antique key, to open, only you will know.

At Thanksgiving the food goes to a program for low income families, who can't afford a holiday meal. Near Yule, what some people call Christmas, it goes to the battered women shelter. We believe in helping, but only the ones who are trying to change their stars. All six of them.

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Susanne Iles said...

Thank you for your fresh perspectives and insights. I appreciate what you've done here in cyberspace. Wishing you all the best always,Susanne