Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Six of Swords, part one

This has been a difficult card for me. My interpretation has evolved through a reoccurring pattern in my life. Divorce. When I was still a toddler my mother left my father. He was a great guy, loved by all. The life of the party and everyones best friend. You would have loved him, so I have been told.

My mother left him because she wanted a better life for me. She had hopes, she had dreams and she had standards. And my father was an Alcoholic and a drug addict. She didn't notice at first, they were young. Dad was only nineteen, and still at prime parting age. But reality and responsibility set in quick and my father could not tow the line. Not even for me. So she divorced him and did the single mom thing for a few years. She has always been so strong. Some time later she met my step dad, he worked two jobs and went to night school. He taught me to tie my shoes and not to be afraid of the ball.

While weekend visits with my real father taught me to watch out for the cops and how to booby trap your apartment so you can tell if someones been in your place while you were out. Every weekend with a different girlfriend, in a different apartment on a different side of town in a different car. But he sure was cool, like Fonzy. I read once that sharks must keep moving constantly or they will sink and die.

My step dad is the only guy I ever called on Fathers day. He was there when I was stranded in another state. He was there in less than 24hrs. He drove straight through. He was there for the good times and the bad. No matter what I put him through. He hung in there. He never hit her or me. He never cheated or drank. He is still the best man I've ever known. The ferryman.

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