Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Six of Swords, part two

My first marriage lasted almost ten years. The secret to our success, overseas deployments. During my world tour she entertained quite often. She had a gastric bypass, losing several years worth of vice and sloth. I don't know exactly when she stared up again, but while I was in Iraq she hit bottom and took our kids with her. There was a man in my chair when I walked in the door. My heroes welcome.

Strike one.

They sent me home early because she had attempted suicide, twice. And it became a child welfare issue. My first morning at home I was awoke by child Protective services knocking at the door. If I had arrived a few hours later they would have been taken. They thanked me for my service to our country.

Strike two.

There was a tinkle. The lite sound of breaking glass, but small. when I opened the door to the bathroom she was trying to hide the crack cocaine under a towel. I told her to leave, I was calling the police and pressing charges. I would give her a head start. She didn't even put up a fight and went to get some clothes from the bedroom. She was standing near the door asking for money when she started seizing from the overdose. I called 911 and had to started rescue breathing. She had stabilized when they took her away.

Strike three.

I loved the Army. I was good at it. I was discharged early for "family hardship, do to parenthood". The Army won't keep you if your a single parent with soul custody.

It's a high fly ball to left center field.

Now I run a care home for the developmentally disabled. I am home in the morning to see my kids off to school. I am home when they get off the bus. I have chores waiting for them after I check there home work. Their teeth are brushed and their clothes are clean, I think. Like father like step son.

Home run.


Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

I read your post, and it brought up odd feelings for me.

The oddest one was envy. At least you know why you got divorced. Mine is a mystery: Me having a decent job, her getting schooling, us working together to build a life, and working on getting some kids. Had trouble on the kids part. After 9 years, she just leaves. She can't explain it to me.

I think that's the hardest bit for me. The lack of a reason.

I'm glad you've turned things around. I'm sure I will, at some point. It's already happening.

Rufus Opus said...

See, Joe, you've got this way about you, this healing way. Heck, you even made me feel a little guilty about the retardwarter post for a second. I got over it.

Six of swords for me has represented taking the weapons cache away after a sound thrashing by the enemy. Strategic retreat.

I've always identified with the ferryman when it pops up, taking my plans and ideas and strategies away with me to use later, either in setting up a new life, or in taking back what was mine. Each sword can be a lesson learned, or a means to wound others in seeming self-defense.