Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Devil

I was in Ar Ramadi, Iraq when they invaded my home. I'm not sure of the exact day, it takes a while to get mail. But I read the letter just a few days after a suicide bomber blew himself up. A piece of him went through my friends hand.

They didn't steal anything, they just broke it all. My drums. A pipe. Many other sacred items. Anything that looked like it might be evil. They took some knives from my kitchen and used them to cut apart the sweat lodge in my back yard. While I was leading a foot patrol through a village, looking for hidden weapons, they destroyed my church.

On an altar of dirt, laid a buffalo skull. Decorated with sage bundles and prayer bundles begging for my protection. They smashed it because it was their devil. I know this because of the bible verses they left behind in spray paint. Why do they need their devil so much?

What is my devil? It's a man. Dressed as a priest, who touches little boys. It's a woman. who tells children their going to hell for not believing Satan is real. Its a supervisor. Who tells me I can't get Sunday off from work because I'm going to a real church. The preacher who told me I didnt need to believe in the devil to worship him...wait what?

There is no evil in nature. If a shark eats a baby seal, it's not evil, it's hungry. But if that shark tries to eat you or me, it's evil. There is no evil in nature, but man. There has become a difference between whats normal and whats natural. We're normal, but we're far from natural.

Evil is a man made concept. It was our first creation. We seem so very proud of it and we refuse to let it go. Morality is only the changing tide of social acceptability. Ebb and flow of whats ok and whats not. High tide or low, we're chained to it.

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My Gal said...

My mother walked by my copy of Liber Oz with a proof of the Thoth Devil card on it. She looked at it and asked "Oh I didn't know you were into decopage". Now I KNOW the root of all evil :)