Monday, September 8, 2008

Five of Wands

There are many traditions in the service. This card reminds me of the guidon. The guidon starts at boot camp, it's your platoon flag and pole. You march in formation, EVERYWHERE. The guidon leads the way. The guidon is posted outside whatever building your platoon is occupying, as long as you are in it. It is your group identity, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

These five men seem to be engaged in non-violent volley. Wands. Air. Speculative thoughts. It may be their individual ideas or the guidons of their encampments, their mystery schools. Or both. One begets another, it's a vicious circle.

On a private list my friends and I regularly engage in this same scene. The moral application of witchcraft? Conditions and standards? What is Magic? A civilized intellectual arena of thoughts. The proving ground of our guidons. I respect anyone who jumps in and gives it a go. It is through this process that we learn not only from each other but how to deal with each other, how to communicate, how to understand and be understood. It promotes growth and builds character. If we do it right. If we do it well.

As long as cooler head prevail, as long as powerful words are skillfully chosen, powerful wisdom can be skillfully applied. Yielding power results. Powerful magic for every camp.

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