Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Hermit

Hmmm... of course the first impression is a classic stereo-archetype, Merlin. The magician, the sage, the old wise man of the woods, recluse and withdrawn. But it seems to be a necessary rite and many schools of thought.

One of my three text books for this semesters' seminary class is "Living with Honor, A Pagan Ethics" by Emma Restall Orr. I am glad to be taking the class as I would've never read her book otherwise. She's a great writer and during my reading assignment I came across a simply profound statement.

" divorced humanity from nature."

Profound for me because it puts into words what I so passionately feel, yet so feebly attempt to express. This is why the Hermit withdraws from civilization and society, to separate himself from that divorce, to take himself out of a deconstructive equation. The lack of background except at the bottom and the position of his head give the impression he is looking down from a mountain top. Perspective. Higher consciousness?

In many mystery schools light represents hidden knowledge. The hexagram star in the lamp for example would be the hidden knowledge of the cabala and the Golden Dawn which the designer of the deck was a member of. The Hermit uses the light, or hidden knowledge from the lamp, or mystery school to find his way and illuminate his path and his view of the world which he observes from his perch.

In the native tradition this is similar to the Hanbleceya ceremony. A vision quest not to be taken lightly. I have only done this ritual the few times it was necessary and have had unforgettable experiences each time, which were cleaved from great personal sacrifices. My first Seminary.

My Witchcraft is a primitive technology. I am a Witch Doctor working with the sticks and stones I find along the way. Both of which are good for starting fires. Light, whenever I may need it.

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