Thursday, September 4, 2008

Speak of the Devil...

Looking back through my entries I realized how much I talk about my experiences in Iraq. At first I felt a bit embarrassed about it, then later came a bit of pride. Not for going, not for what I've done, but for my ability to write about it so openly. Spilling your guts may be messy but it promotes personal growth.

Mia magnum opus.

Someone said the Devil keeps the church in business. Fear. That makes a lot of sence to me. He presents and represents the contrary. Danger. He is the shark that keeps swimmers out of the waters and in the pews.

Oddly enough this reminds me of a conversation about the late great George Carlin. One of my friends is NOT a fan to put it lightly and highlighted Georges negatives flaws which I find humor in. The reason I find so much humor in him is because we're NOT supposed to! Taboo. George was a fine Devil.

Looking back I had this to say on the matter:

It has been my experience that the Holy, the Divine and the Sacred are only such, because of "the Contrary". Equilibrium. The sacred dance. In Cherokee, it is the Booger Dancer or Bogey Man. The Lakotas call them Hayoka, the sacred Clown. And every culture seems to have them. They run a muck in the Sun Dance Arbor, counter clockwise, "the wrong way". They tease the fasting dancers with watermelons, pour water back and fourth from cup to cup, charge and challenge the dancers while they prey. They go where we dare not, they say what we would not. They do what we cannot. Taboo can be a powerful tool. Psychological leverage. They provide a public service. Those Assholes.

I have been a fan of Tenacious D for years and I just realized their album cover was a version of this card.

And just recently I have fallen deeply in love with Stephen Lunch who is the most musicly talented incarnation of George Carlin there has even been.

But I digress...

I am starting to see a pattern here, which oddly enough makes my point, what ever it was...

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