Saturday, September 6, 2008

Three of Pentacles

The man on the bench is a Mason, complete with a lambskin apron and common gavel, one of the primary working tools of our profession. Gerald Gardner, among other things, was also a Mason. And Freemasonry shines brightly in his Witch-craftwork, as it does in my own. But who can blame us, it's a nearly perfect system. Ask the founders of the Scottish Rite, the Golden Dawn, the Ordo Templi Orientis and a dozen other fruits fallen from the Masonic tree.

My craft is a work in progress. An evolution through a sequence successes and failures. I spend hours at the trestle board laying plans, like the figure on the right, which are tried and trued through the operative verb. I DO them. I have learned that things look great on paper but often in the real world they do not always come out square and level.

I have spent hours milling through "our" section of bookstores. Crap, crap, crap, Oooh...nope that's crap too. Within days I am back in that same isle culling though those same books, looking, hoping it will finally be there. You know the book I speak of, You've been there too, we're all looking for it. But it's not there, that book does not exist yet. You must write it yourself.

I have written mine. And every time I think I am ready to send it to the printers I see a figure within a fresh stone, waiting to be chiseled out. Another chapter, another degree to be truly earned through it's discovery, it's unveiling, it's very design.

I am the Mason on the workbench. You can show me your blueprints, but I am the builder. I work with the stones of the craft and I know how they move. How they break or hew. I have learned through my experiences, numerious cracked failures have yielded a single precious pillar. And now the real work begins.

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