Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two more Pentacles

So, I was reading the latest edition of Pan Gaia Magazine, I love the Toe-to-Toe articles the best. In this addition the topic is Pagan standard Time. In my last entry I applied the two of pentacle to the duality of the Pagan world view. And gave the example of the lunar cycle Vs. the prison schedule. Well brace yourself, this little dancing clown is about to smack you in the face with Two more Pentacles.

First of all, Pagan Standard Time is a knock off of Indian Time. One can make the argument that Native Americans are Pagans, which is irrelevant and digressive. Excuse me while I explore this irony.

So, for those unfamiliar with either term, they basically mean "whenever". Whenever everyone arrives, whenever the moon is full or my favorite whenever a wild hair crawls up someones ass. I like to think of myself as a free spirit but I am not. I am a former free spirit. Now I am a responsible adult with a spirit that is freed according to a schedule of eligibility.

The Herald begins each one of our rituals by ringing the bell loudly followed by a proclamation. Part of that proclamation instructs you to "divest your vices". This means turn off your cell phone Ipod palm pilot plug in players! Turn it ALL off, unplug yourself, and for just a little while, tune out the rest of the world and tune into yourself and what WE are doing "Here and Now". Which by the way is the real Pagan Standard Time. And those of you who experience it are blessed.

But there is a standard of time worth ranting about here.

I am taking class at Cherry Hill Seminary and I love this place. It's the real deal they're not teaching candle colors or calling quarters, we're talking college level classes. This semester I am taking Boundaries and Ethics and confess I should be doing homework right now, but it's hard and this is much easier.

Although I think I need more work on my ethics than my boundaries, I am learning a lot just a few days into the course. I think boundaries are really an important aspect of this issue and having hosted monthly rituals and Sabbaths here in my home for several years now I've learned boundaries. There are many issues we face when working in a small group and B&E, boundaries and ethics can easily turn into B&E, breaking and entering.

Time has been an issue in the past, not for us but for them. The newbie first timer *Irab* who wants to take pictures of everything and freaks out when you blow out the candles, but answers the cell phone they didn't turn off, during the great rite!!! Aaaaaaghghghg!!!! Sigh. But I digress.

We are scheduled to let go of consensus reality and go with the flow at 7 pm. You don't call the church and ask preacher to hold off Sunday mass for another hour or so because your too flaky to make on time do you? No you don't and they wouldn't, because it's not fare to the rest of the parishioners that your a flake or your not and you just got a flat tire.

Yes, I can and do compare what we do with any church. We may be in our back yards but we are a church in every sense of the word and in some indescribable ways, more. But that's just my two pens worth.

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