Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Ace of Leaves, from the Joe Tarot

Back in August I did a post about Death. In that post I shared my experiences with the death of my Grandmother and how my family approaches the subject. We use leaves. Not just for death, but for life. And as my daughter has just taught me, the applications are limitless.

My family got together a bought my daughter a horse some time ago. Like most little girls, it was her soul mate... until the first time she got bucked off.

The first time she got bucked off, it only broke her heart. The second time it broke her confidence, in the horse and in herself. So became scared of the horse, terrified.

I tried to give her time to recover, but she didn't seem to be. She stopped asking to go to the stables and soon stopped talking about the horse all together. I was patient, I waited as long as I could, all the while making the trips to visit, care and exercised him alone. I didn't mind, I love horses too.

So time ran out, I took her out to the stables for a visit. I explained to her that it wasn't fare to the horse to be left here alone. I told her that she had a choice to make.

Get back on or give it up.

There are lots of little girls out there who would love to have a horse. If your not going to ride him and visit him and take care of him, let him go to a better home. I told her to take a few days to decide.

A week later we returned to the stables to finish the talk. She showed no fear. She ride him and when he tried to stop or go another way, she took control and took charge, she never flinched, not once. She rode better than she had ever ridden, ever.

I was speechless. The good, proud kind of speechless. Nothing was said, nothing needed to be said. On the ride home the silence was loud. Finally, I turned to her to explode with questions. She was already looking at me, with that big Cheshire cat grin, she was just waiting for me to ask.

She cut me off... "you wanna know how I did it?!?!" "YES!" I burst aloud. She explained that after we returned home from the last trip, when I had given her the choice, she went into the back yard and sit beneath our "family tree". While she was there thinking about it all, a leaf dropped from the tree and fell next to her. She knows the story of our family, Grandma, and death very well and recognized this as a sign. She said it was Gramma, that gave her the advice.

She took the leaf, and cried on it. She rubbed her tears into the leaf, with it, all of her fears. Then she took the leaf and put it into a jar and kept it in her room. Every day, several times a day she would hold the jar and watch the leaf, and her fears, as they disintegrated. Wilting and waning away. She said by the time the leaf was gone so where all her fears of the horse. Now she bugs me every day after school to go to the stables.

I'm not sure but I think this qualifies as Hereditary Magic.


Frater BH said...

Hereditary? Who cares? It is magick. That little one of yours is going to be some witch when she grows up. Heck, she is some witch now.

My Gal said...

I love that story! Though I think that the hereditary arguement comes in on both accounts. Some of it you are born with and then someone helps you to understand how to apply it. A good friend talks about operative and speculative :)

The gifts are there but learning to apply it is another matter. The little one on the other hand is going to be a force of nature in a few years. Don't worry I will hold your hand :) What are sisters for?

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