Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eight more Swords

So, in my Seminary class We're reading The Other Side of Virtue by Brandon Myers. In the forth movement he writes about Honour and Virtue found in classic Greek and Roman themes. Towards the end he moved into more modern literature including Tolken and Rowling.

He asserts that the ring represents power without responsibility and goes on about the simple happy lives of Hobbits, and how that wholeness mentality leads to inner happiness which is why they are not lured by the ring.

In the second book Living with Honor by Emma Orr, we covered the dualism of western culture and Pagan concept of wholeness. Unity. Dualism has a need to polarize things, creating conflict, thus elitism and the illusion Power is achieved.

Whats funny to me is the perpetuation of dualism by elitist.

" Your worshiping Satan! " Umm no, I believe that we are ALL talking to the same divine providence. "No! Your worshiping Satan!" Umm no, I don't believe in satan, that's your religion, not mine. But thats ok, we can still be friends. "No! You don't need to believe in satan to worship him and do his evil work"

I must be bad, in order for them to be good. Now who's sacrificing?

But in the defense of Christianity, I see it more and more from Pagans too. BTL Wiccans who sneer us American Traditions, after all their the one true Wicca. And other Pagans who think Wiccans are all Harm None, warm fuzzy, passive vegans who are not real Pagans.

This card is not restricted to religion. I can apply racial, economic and political themes. Perhaps that's what the different swords are...

I see that us and them in this card. The castle in the background, where the elite repose. Notice the steep banks, how they create that island effect. Your either inside the castle with them or your in the wasteland below.

Why? Why was she ostracized? Because of what she was? Or because of what she was not? Who's sacrificing?

*Note to self: be careful with your unconditional happiness, it's a threat to people who are better than you.


Lavanah said...

regarding your note to yourself: it can also be inspiration to others...

Jason Miller, said...

It would be so cool if you worshiped Satan.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Lavanah, your absolutely right, thank you.

Jason, depending on your perspective, I do. Isn't Cernunnos the devil?!?!?