Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eight of Swords

I've been staring at this card for days, not sure what to write and honestly too busy. But also because I wasn't sure about my first impression. After all this time I have come back full circle to where I started from, circumambilation is helpful because perspective makes all the difference in the worlds.

So, lets go with the obvious, restriction. The eight swords form a boundary. Containment. But the eight swords elude to eight sword barers. A group of people who have come together to contain someone. In certain circles *no pun* we'd call it hoodwinked and cable-towed. I recognize them as symbols of ignorance, enforced by an outer group.

My first thought was Christianity.

This Sunday past I gave a Sabbaths class, on the wheel of the year. In class I explained about assimilated traditions and holidays. Every wounder why we hide eggs to celebrate the resurrection of Christ? Assimilated traditions. When your God can't compete with a Pagan holy day, which is usually a party, and attached to an act of nature like a solstice or equinox what do you do? You assimilate it. Keep the party, HOST the party and change the theme.

Someone in the class mentioned the problems she has had with Christians attacking her with accusations of devil worship. I thought of this card. Again.

But as I sit here now, I shift my focus and project my perspective to another angle. Motivation. Why? Why keep this person contained and restricted? What would a group of eight or eight hundred or eight thousand or million, have to gain by keeping someone bound in ignorance?

My first thought is power, achieved through elitism.


Rufus Opus said...

Holidays aren't the only traditions Christians assimilated. We also assimilated the pagan traditions of burning people who don't agree with us. Pagan Rome became Christian Rome overnight, pretty much. Up until then, people became Christian by receiving a specific call from God, a heart change that happened when the gospel was heard and the Spirit moved them. When Rome Christianized the Empire for political reasons, Christianity adopted all the Pagan habits. Including the torture and murder of people who represented a threat in the name of religion. Things didn't change much under Christianity at all.

In certain circles, hoodwinking and cable-towing is a sign of impending initiation, a release from the ignorance. Steel and iron are anathema to certain kinds of terrestrial spirits, like the Goets, brownies, or Fae. Isolating someone who is obsessed/possessed from the influence of the spirits can be a step towards exorcism.

Or the nasty weevils of the world are about to burn her to inspire fear and loathing in the general population, enforcing their elite status for another few years.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

History is written by the victors and while I disagree with your historical perspective, I don't much see the point.

My observations and assertions are based on the more relative times and experiences. I DO like the fear and loathing to enforce elite status concept, I think it very accurate.

...or maybe she just didn't pay her debts...

Rufus Opus said...

Regarding the debts, next time she'll send cash. Like Friday. Overnight. Shit!