Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Living Altar, another card from the Joe Tarot

So, my sis, AKA My GAL, gave me a greater gift than she may have realized at the time. She gave me a small potted Sage plant on one of her visits.

With my background in Native Traditions and Witchcrafts, sage is a staple, but I've never grown it before... Hmmmm... there's an idea.

So, in my last post I write about some changes I have my in my lifestyle. One of those changes is my daily adoration, which we in my Tradition call *Gating* or the popular verb *to Gate*.

I have recently rededicated myself to the daily practice and am "inflaming myself in prayer". But more importantly, I have taken up this new campaign OUTSIDE.

And this small factor has changed everything.

After my daily adoration, I got into the habit of watering my sage plant, just felt like the right time and state of mind to perform such a task.

I started thinking about my future uses for the sage and the *quality of it* since I am growing it myself. I figured the more I put into it, the more I would get out. It occurred to me to use *more gooder water* so I began using our Brita filter and simply blessing the water. Then I got the bright idea to *charge* the water so I started using my favorite singing bowl.

I have a few prayers in my sleeve and with my primitive technology, I infuse them into the water and then sing the bowl. If you fill it up to just the right spot, it will make the water bubble like a jacuzzi!!! That's a good sign. I pour about half of the charged water as an offering and the rest is applied to the leaves by hand. I rub water onto the leaves and wand sprinkle the rest.

So, I am no expert when it comes to plants but it sure as hell is making a difference! The small sage plant has exploded and I will be performing the transplant procedure soon. I swear when I begin to sing the bowl now you can see the plant shake and vibrate too! Looking forward to my first harvest of sage and testing the potency of it's yield. Thanks Sis!

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My Gal said...

You are most welcome! That is one happy sage plant!!! You can just hear IT singing from here. A spiffy little sage tune!

I have found that the plants that I grow with charged bits and love yield a much more interesting operative result. There is just a much better feel to it. It is all about the vibe. I am going to a plant give and take this weekend, I will see if anything else calls to me :)