Monday, October 13, 2008

More or Less Justice

I can appreciate the concept that Justice is blind, but I have realized that one perhaps one the biggest problems with society today it that there is a difference between what is Right or Wrong and whats Legal.

Legality has divorced humanity of its morality.

Too often we pre-contemplate our actions, because we're not sure. An angel appears on your shoulder asking "should you?" and a demon on the other "can you? Legally?" Here's a hint, if you have to justify it by labeling it as *not against the law* there's a problem.

Too often we do not contemplate enough or at all. Because we don't know or we don't care. We're in a hurry, we're insensitive, we're detached, plugged into another world of our own to distract us from the here and now.

Which by the way misses you, needs you and would like to see you again soon. So take ten minutes out of your rat race of instant drive thru self gratification and take a good look in the mirror at yourself and what your doing or *not doing.

Another Chaplain gave me a copy of this worksheet he created for inmates. It's just ten questions, like what effect will this action have on... or how would my family, Mom, Dad, Wife or Child feel if they saw me do this. I think legality was the last one.

I think he is a brilliant guy, and I asked him how can we get copies of this for the staff? How about the whole city? County? State? Government? Politicians? I throw down the bullspit card quite easily and often. I thrown down the this one even more. Not for others, for me.

Each one of us is sitting on our own thrown of self government, between the pillars of our perceptions, guarding the Vail of our inner motivation. Each one of us holds our own scales of Justice, to judge our own actions by, not everyone else's. Each one of us holds our own ethical Excalibur. We can use that sword as an Athame to cast circles around ourselves, to better contain our own energies when we need to.

Court is adjured.

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Frater BH said...

Dude, this explains why we get along so well. Everyone makes wrong decisions. Everyone makes mistakes but not to decide what is right versus what one can get away with at all? I don't understand.

Can you send me a copy of the list?