Thursday, October 9, 2008

Seven More Swords

So looking back at my work, I looked back at the card. I recognize most of my initial feelings where old, repressed emotions and unexpressed frustrations.

Like the WitchDoctor post, in which I failed to mention the Challengers in that story in detail, by design. Instead I chose to highlight my personal growth from the experiences.

That particular occasion, the first of many, resulted in the birth of "WitchDctorJoe". So if my Challenger is reading this, thank you.

A lot has happened since then. I had gone looking for a camp of my peers, only to be kicked out by Grand Poobahs teaching candle colors. And leaving others with a grin so big, I thought it would get me pulled over.

I know that may sound snobbish and maybe it is. But anyone who knows me, knows I am not a snob. I just have my own standards. My Witchcraft is a religious form and I can never compromise that personal integrity.

So I built my own tent.

That was all I did, I built my own tent and made room for more. If you built it, they will come... and they did. This morning I looked at this card again, but I saw my camp, and thought of all the people who have come and gone. I thought about what they brought with them, what they took, and what they left behind. In every round our camp came out stronger. Tempered.

*Never give up your Sword.

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