Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seven of Swords

Stop Thief! Stop thief! That's how it looks, right? But no, it's not stealing if they're your swords. Long ago a sword was laid on the altar to show authorization or the consent of the local authority. Your charter.

I skirted the subject of authority in my Hermit's Beard post. The authority of a group validating me. Accreditation works in a similar fashion, we all gather together and validate ourselves. The elite.

So, I see here a man, sneaking away from camp, carrying away five swords. But I get the feeling that he is not stealing, just leaving quietly, so not to attract attention or start a conflict, but not necessarily an unlawful act. Civil disobedience.

What quickly comes to my mind is me, quietly leaving the camps I have been apart of, and still am to some effect. In the past I allowed myself to become subject to the "Authority" of others, both camps and leaders. During those times, I realized that these people are not qualified to teach, lead or supervise me. Although these are the roles and titles they often take without earning.

I see the camp as those groups, I have slipped out and away from the heard and gone out independently. The swords are a symbol of authority. They have theirs, they had mine. I gave it to them when I allowed them to regulate me, I subscribed to it, willingly. I am not stealing, these are my swords, and I have taken them back. Never give up your sword. Never.

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