Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eight of Cups

Hmmm... lots of symbolism in this one for me. I have most of my back tattooed with "primitive hieroglyphics", including this conjunction of the sun and the moon. Here is seems to represent a baseline, or a landmark of time, a shift.

I have had many shifts in my life, oddly about eight...

The background reminds me of a secret place. A small beach hidden by a large body of dangerous water and the natural formation of the mountain side cliffs. For those blessed few who know where it is, and how to get there unharmed, a closely guarded secret, it is a most holy Pagan experience.

There is a cave, it forms a spiral like staircase into itself, an inward spiral, the path introspection. when you have completed your inner journey and emerge, you walk out into this small beach no larger than your front yard. It forms a deep horseshoe from the cliffs above to the sand. This shape have many benefits. It creates an optical illusion, that camouflages it. But the true gift is when the strong winds are blowing into this funnel, they create AGALUGA, the whirlwind.

If you stand straight with your arms crossed like the sign of Osiris, it will form around you. Have you ever stood inside your very own tornado? Open up spread eagle forming the human pentacle and it blows apart throwing sand in all directions, a burst of power. If your raise your arms up slowly enough you can feel the wind build up as you give it room the flow, raise your hands to the sky and the spirits of air will embrace you again...

A holy communion, devoid of cultural difference of beliefs. Pure Paganism.

I have accumulated many cups in my life, all of them different. A cup of Cherokee, a cup of Lakota, some Abirogial here, some Celtic there. This is Druid, this is Wicca, this is Withcraft, but not Wiccan...

I have left all those small cups behind, and now I drink straight from the fountain.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ten of Swords

I see a victim of the will of the Populus.

Wow, that's a lot of steel. But why so much? My first thought was victim, but a victim of what? and by whom? I would venture to guess a group of ten.

But why, why would ten people victimize someone? What kind of threat was this person to the Populus? What did this person represent? Maybe the Gay community fighting for civil rights, impaled by the swords of religious fanatics?

Or... is this person really a victim at all? but rather the professional victim? We all know this person too well, every community has one. Unfortunately mine has several, and one Pro.

This one is currently getting lots of attention (except mine), which is by the way, is the whole point. This person is one of those who act socially inappropriately and justify it as Paganism. "They fired me because I am a Pagan!". No, they fired you because your a psycho and you spend all your time fighting for your religious rights, which no one in the office cares about, instead of doing the job you were hire to do.

"Why are you all so close minded against Vampires?!?!?" Um... were not, not as much as you claim, it's not the Vampire thing, we just don't like YOU!!! You align your self with negative stereotypes and perpetuate it further with your behavior, setting yourself up for attack and ridicule, you literally ask for it, then poor you, boo hoo, when we give it to you.

I have no sympathy for you, and offer no apologies for my feelings, you have earned them.

So whether you are victimized by an angry mop, complete with their torches and pitchforks or by the white blood cells of the communal organism, defending the limit of social acceptability, either way that's a lot of steel.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Just In...

I just felt obligated to announce that yesterday we received the largest donation ever from outside our Coven. And it came from a Christian! I would like to give thanks to RO for his continued support of my blog, my Geomancy Tumblers and my Prison Ministry. He is living proof that Christians who practice ceremonial magic have a chance in hell... LOL. Thanks Man.

In other news...

I haven't posted in a few days for the following reasons...

I got to visit two Prisons I haven't been to in a year, it was a great reunion with the inmates who changed my life. In the beginning I wasn't interested in Prison Chaplaincy, I didn't think I would bode well or have the required mentality for it. But I was so drastically wrong, and my experiences with these inmates truly inspired me. I was blessed with the opportunity to finally see them again.

I have joined the Cherry Hill Seminary Communications department which is chaired by the Wild Hunt Blogger extraordinaire Jason Pitzl-Waters, as a volunteer I spent several days creating the commercial advertisement for this years Winter Intensive which you can hear on the Pagan Radio Network.

And lastly, we're gearing up for our annual Hecate's Supper. Every year we host this food drive and give the food to the salvation army's thanksgiving dinner program for low income families. every year we give the donors a gift, last year each person took turns going to the altar and leaving their offerings to Hecate who appeared and gave them a black candle and an antique key. This year we had chinet plates custom made with Hecate's Wheel on them. A nice altar piece to anyone who loves the triple Goddess.

Tomorrow my Grandmother will go in for her second heart surgery this year, so I be at the hospital with her all day. Last time it took almost 18 hours, partly because my grandmother broke the first two heart monitors they hooked up to her. *Broke meaning... she fried them with what we call a *sun burst*...shes a Witch with heart problems... go figure.
So dress a candle for my Gramma tomorrow...

Stay tuned, we be back after these messages...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Essential Boils

So during yet another a stimulating evening of conversation with close friends and co-bloggers, we touched on the subject of essential oils. BH mentioned a still one could purchase to process plants and obtain the essentials.

So I went home and Googled it. I found a few how to sites with step by step instructions, but no pictures. Now I am a pretty primitive guy, I like to see a picture of it. But I realize that an idea can often be contained by a picture of it, or freed by the minds eye of imagination.

So I drew it out as I went along the step by step instructions, stewed over it for a day or two and let imagination and common sense meld into an concept that was effective but build/able, and cheap.

So here's *WitchDoctorJoe's Essential Boils*

The tea pot is actually a cappuccino maker I got at Wal-mart for twenty dollars, the bottom unscrews off to fill with water and there's a real nice built in filter system. A small piece of brass tubing goes from the stem inside the pot into the insulated mug sitting on top of it. It came with a screen to, for making hot tea.

So I placed plant material in both screens. The condenser was actually the hardest part, bending the tubing without an aversion was difficult and once it gets hot, and it does, it melts the ice and the plastic container if it touches it. Plus condensation on the outside would drip down the tube and contaminate the product, so I added corks to insinuate the tube from the plastic container.

Works like a charm! THIS ONE works like a charm, it was a process. I did eliminate about two feet of tubing, and streamlined it into what you see here. But rest assured there was yelling and screaming and boiling water spewed all over the kitchen more than once.

I strongly recommend this little endeavor to anyone who makes their own oils or incense. I recently took over growing my own Sage supply and grow it with a little magic and love. This has an effect on the finished product, it's potency and effectiveness. I think it's important not just to do magic, but also to grow it. Blessed Be.