Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eight of Cups

Hmmm... lots of symbolism in this one for me. I have most of my back tattooed with "primitive hieroglyphics", including this conjunction of the sun and the moon. Here is seems to represent a baseline, or a landmark of time, a shift.

I have had many shifts in my life, oddly about eight...

The background reminds me of a secret place. A small beach hidden by a large body of dangerous water and the natural formation of the mountain side cliffs. For those blessed few who know where it is, and how to get there unharmed, a closely guarded secret, it is a most holy Pagan experience.

There is a cave, it forms a spiral like staircase into itself, an inward spiral, the path introspection. when you have completed your inner journey and emerge, you walk out into this small beach no larger than your front yard. It forms a deep horseshoe from the cliffs above to the sand. This shape have many benefits. It creates an optical illusion, that camouflages it. But the true gift is when the strong winds are blowing into this funnel, they create AGALUGA, the whirlwind.

If you stand straight with your arms crossed like the sign of Osiris, it will form around you. Have you ever stood inside your very own tornado? Open up spread eagle forming the human pentacle and it blows apart throwing sand in all directions, a burst of power. If your raise your arms up slowly enough you can feel the wind build up as you give it room the flow, raise your hands to the sky and the spirits of air will embrace you again...

A holy communion, devoid of cultural difference of beliefs. Pure Paganism.

I have accumulated many cups in my life, all of them different. A cup of Cherokee, a cup of Lakota, some Abirogial here, some Celtic there. This is Druid, this is Wicca, this is Withcraft, but not Wiccan...

I have left all those small cups behind, and now I drink straight from the fountain.


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Oh! PS if you click in the small black and white tarot card, you get the large color version.