Thursday, November 6, 2008

Essential Boils

So during yet another a stimulating evening of conversation with close friends and co-bloggers, we touched on the subject of essential oils. BH mentioned a still one could purchase to process plants and obtain the essentials.

So I went home and Googled it. I found a few how to sites with step by step instructions, but no pictures. Now I am a pretty primitive guy, I like to see a picture of it. But I realize that an idea can often be contained by a picture of it, or freed by the minds eye of imagination.

So I drew it out as I went along the step by step instructions, stewed over it for a day or two and let imagination and common sense meld into an concept that was effective but build/able, and cheap.

So here's *WitchDoctorJoe's Essential Boils*

The tea pot is actually a cappuccino maker I got at Wal-mart for twenty dollars, the bottom unscrews off to fill with water and there's a real nice built in filter system. A small piece of brass tubing goes from the stem inside the pot into the insulated mug sitting on top of it. It came with a screen to, for making hot tea.

So I placed plant material in both screens. The condenser was actually the hardest part, bending the tubing without an aversion was difficult and once it gets hot, and it does, it melts the ice and the plastic container if it touches it. Plus condensation on the outside would drip down the tube and contaminate the product, so I added corks to insinuate the tube from the plastic container.

Works like a charm! THIS ONE works like a charm, it was a process. I did eliminate about two feet of tubing, and streamlined it into what you see here. But rest assured there was yelling and screaming and boiling water spewed all over the kitchen more than once.

I strongly recommend this little endeavor to anyone who makes their own oils or incense. I recently took over growing my own Sage supply and grow it with a little magic and love. This has an effect on the finished product, it's potency and effectiveness. I think it's important not just to do magic, but also to grow it. Blessed Be.


My Gal said...

OMG! OK I am so coming over. I will be the one with the plants in tow. WOW! Nicely done!

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Bring it on Sis.

Frater BH said...

I am sure RO will be so proud!

Susanne Iles said...

This is beautiful!
Are you using regular garden sage or a white sage (artemesia)? I'm growing both. (one for eating, one for smudging)
You've done a fine job!

shadow4894 said...

Pretty Sweet J! Been mulling that one over myself for a while, the big guy knows how to make whiskey (hehehe) but it a large set up. This is awesome! Gonna show me how its done big brother? lol

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Thanks Ya'll. It's the *blue sage* the one for eating, which smudges right nicely too!!!

Unknown said...

[I realize that this blog entry is from '08 and that it's now '18.... but oh, what the hell...] Hi there, this is so very cool!! I've been wanting to build or purchase a still for essential oil making but most of the D.I.Y. ones are extremely complicated, technical, and the people making them seem to have a wealth of knowledge about how the process works and how to build things like that.... and then the stills for sale are extraordinarily overpriced for what's usually a subpar and inefficient still considering the price and the amount of plant material to essential oil it can produce in a go. Anyway, this is obviously a smaller set-up but it seems perfect for someone like myself, with no experience making my own EO's and it seems not only within my price-range but actually buildable even with my lack of skills. My only question for you know is -- which resource had you found on Google when searching that gave instructions to build this but didn't have the pictures... perhaps with your picture and this resource, I'd be on my way to making my own. I lied... I do have another question... about how much plant material are you able to work with using this and how much oil can you make in a session? Thanks!