Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ten of Swords

I see a victim of the will of the Populus.

Wow, that's a lot of steel. But why so much? My first thought was victim, but a victim of what? and by whom? I would venture to guess a group of ten.

But why, why would ten people victimize someone? What kind of threat was this person to the Populus? What did this person represent? Maybe the Gay community fighting for civil rights, impaled by the swords of religious fanatics?

Or... is this person really a victim at all? but rather the professional victim? We all know this person too well, every community has one. Unfortunately mine has several, and one Pro.

This one is currently getting lots of attention (except mine), which is by the way, is the whole point. This person is one of those who act socially inappropriately and justify it as Paganism. "They fired me because I am a Pagan!". No, they fired you because your a psycho and you spend all your time fighting for your religious rights, which no one in the office cares about, instead of doing the job you were hire to do.

"Why are you all so close minded against Vampires?!?!?" Um... were not, not as much as you claim, it's not the Vampire thing, we just don't like YOU!!! You align your self with negative stereotypes and perpetuate it further with your behavior, setting yourself up for attack and ridicule, you literally ask for it, then poor you, boo hoo, when we give it to you.

I have no sympathy for you, and offer no apologies for my feelings, you have earned them.

So whether you are victimized by an angry mop, complete with their torches and pitchforks or by the white blood cells of the communal organism, defending the limit of social acceptability, either way that's a lot of steel.

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