Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Five of Swords

I love swords, always have. As a kid I always wanted to be a knight of the round table, but my middle name was Merlin so I always got stuck with the wand.

Then there was Thundar the Barbarian! He had a bad ass sword and ran with a hot witch too. Then there was Star Wars....Awww yeah... need I say more?

Then I wanted to be a Nina! (with a light saber.) I even got to visit my aunt and uncle when they lived in Japan. They knew a real live Samurai, I even got a few tips, the story quickly evolved into "my special training" when I returned home. Shhhhhhhhhhhh...

Their so symbolic, and seem to be one of those universal things we all share as a species. I think almost every culture has one. They mean so many different things to so many different people.

Now days their mostly ceremonial, which is one reason why this card holds so much significance to me, our tradition employs five swords to open the temple. Reminds me of how I ran off with them in the Seven of Swords card and just like that one I have some feelings, repressed emotions and unexpressed frustrations attached to this one.

As healthy as it is to purge and as much as I would love to feverishly vent, I am oath bound against it. Sigh. So it will go in the private journal too. All I can say is that's me, those are my swords and that scene is so accurate it scares the crap out of me! But it is comforting to see how it stay true to what I have said about the swords in the past.

Never give up your sword, never.

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