Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Holy crap! That's what it's called "Holy" crap. All I keep hearing about is the rapture. It scares me that mature, intelligent, educated people really believe this stuff, seriously.

This evening I was browsing the metaphysics section at Borders bookstore. I think it's funny and ironic that they place our section back to back with the Christian end of the religion section. And I think maybe they do it on purpose...

As I thumbed through books, I listened to two people talking about the rapture. They spoke about different Christian authors on the subject much the way we Pagans talk shop. One remarked how one author was "too warm and fuzzy" about the rapture.

It was the second time in my life I experienced a Christian who was looking forward to Armageddon. While serving in the military I often provided Pagan religious services, specially during deployments. While in Iraq most of the soldiers in my squad were Pagan-ish. Most had been to a sweat lodge ceremony or a full moon ritual or were open minded enough to hold an interesting conversation.

They gave us a new guy once, who spent every waking moment trying to save us. I had to give him direct orders to put down his bible and pick up his weapon. Inevitably, the subject came up again. It was a quiet, private conversation between a soldier and myself . The Christian jumped in about how this was a Holy War between "us Christians and the Muslims"

When I disagreed with him, he flipped out and assailed me with bible verses. He told me he couldn't wait for the apocalypse and the final judgment, so that when we were burning in hell, we would know that he was right, because we were infidels and that's what we deserved. Needless to say I had him removed from my squad that day.

So for some reason these two in the next isle decided to come slumming down in metaphysics. One, the women asked me if I saw any Masonic books, I pointed out a few and asked what she was looking for, mentioning that I was a Mason and would be happy to try to answer any questions she may have. Turns out she was looking for the conspiracy theory version of Freemasonry and was happy to point out the books that reveal all of our secret plans for world domination, persecution and the enslavement of the all good Christians.

And her friend started in on me, and our Satanic rituals. And it really went south from there. It was close to getting physical. My children were with me, and this guys calling us devil worshipers. It's scary what these people believe. It's so insane, their so insane, scares me. I wish I could surrender my free will and let someone else do it all for me. I would be so nice to believe in the rapture, it must be nice, to not have to take responsibility for all the damage we're doing to this planet, and to each other, because Jesus will fix it all....

Someone let him know, his disciples have taken care of all the judgments for him.


Rufus Opus said...


Don't let them fool you, Joe! they're no more his disciples than Rod Ferrell is a wiccan.

We TRUE Christians(TM) love you and respect your devotion to the Good Father, John (Barley)Corn (JC in another name), and His Mother.

Lavanah said...

It is those who surrender their free will to blind belief in anyone's name, that scare me. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, those who profess the religion of money and finance (do they have a name, yet?), it doesn't matter. It is the certainty that they hold the only Key that is the problem.

Rose Weaver said...

I think most Christians would be surprised by just how many Pagan types are in the military. Most active military Pagans don't come out of the closet until they leave. I can't tell you how many veterans I see at the VA wearing Pentacles and other Pagan related symbols. It's astonishing. And the ignorance surrounding Paganism is just as astonishing to me.

I know many Christians who are open minded and accepting of spiritual paths other than theirs, but I also know many others who insist on pushing their path in my face. Those are the ones with whom I have a problem, and you're right... it's downright scary.

By the same token, I know Pagans who act in the same fundamentalist fashion; in some cases, even worse. If your brand of Paganism differs from theirs, you're wrong and they judge just as harshly as fundamentalists from any other religion. I've been on the receiving end of fundamentalist Pagans and it's not a pretty sight.

Fundamentalism in any form is incredibly scary. I wish I knew a way to help wipe it out, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Rufus Opus said...

Rose, I believe that by being a Christian who respects the paths of others, I'm doing my part to wipe out fundamentalism. An Episcopal at work recently brought up a pastor he had heard talking about how the God he knows isn't the judgmental hell and damnation God of the Old Testament and Revelations.

Another interesting thing to note is that the Apocalypse of St. John barely made it into the "Bible" at all. It was sort of slipped into the "official" Bible years after the Nicene counsel thingy. I can't remember the details, but it was on the History Channel, so it's got to be true. Right? :D

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

The Book of Relevations got in because of the number of Christians who believed in it. I guess it is like the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament, though that is more of an erotic bar song, which Kabbalists have been trying to justify including since its inclusion; numbers of believers make it true.

I wish that we could just convince everyone that Jesus was a good Jewish boy (he was Jewish, not Christian as Christians believe) and a pretty good magician, and had no intention of setting up a monolithic relgion.

I imagine that Jesus says "They said I said WHAT?!" quite a lot.

As for the Freemasonry conspiracy, gee, the ones I konw can't even agree what type of lightbulbs to buy; I can not imagine them getting organized long enourgh to take over the world.

It is not the devil you have to fear, it is those who do not realize that they are serving his purpose.

Rufus Opus said...


Why would you want to convince anyone that your interpretation of what Jesus "really" was as a non believer is more valid than theirs?

Would you want me to try to convince a wiccan that Kernunnos was "really" a celtic hero whose myths grew over time until he attained the status of "God" in their pantheon, explaining to them that the whole "deity" thing is really a linguistic misunderstanding and that the Celts and most other pagans didn't even believe in "divinity" the way modern people think of it?

I think you'd be offended.

I'm likewise offended. You don't know Jesus the way I do. I've talked to him, and he did indeed intend a monotheistic understanding of our relationship to the Father through his manifestation and all the things it entailed. He didn't, based on my experiences, intend us to convert the world to believe like I do. The message was Love. God can be a friend. Peace. Love your neighbor. Respect. Don't turn sacred places into a commercial zone.

If you're not called to relate to God through Christ, fine, I hope you're relating to Divinity in a way that brings you peace, happiness, attainment, and fulfillment. But you really don't need to tell me that what I know about Jesus the Christ, Logos made flesh is "wrong" because of what you think you know.