Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Two of Swords, from the Joe Tarot

The subtitle for this post is "proof of life". Yes I am still alive, I had not realized how long it has been since I have posted. I have taken my own advise and unplugged myself quite a bit more and more often, apparently there is this whole real world out there, outside the matrix...

I love the holidays, LOVE the holidays. One of the many things I love about being Wiccan is all the holidays, not only do we have more, ours are really cool.

Yule is always fun. We enact the battle of the Oak and Holly kings in the most creative ways. This last Mid-summer the battle was conducted in a professional wrestling theme. We had the big title belt we had our managers talking trash, and our announcer "Leeeeetss Geeeeeet Readyyyy To Rrruuuummmmbleee!!!!!"

I was The Oak King and I got my ass handed to me. The Holly king out weighs my by over sixty to seventy pounds. It was a massacre. I have had six month to prepare and plot my revenge! MooHoo Haa Haaaahahahahahahahha!

So I have had my eye on these wooden swords for some time, waiting for the excuse to buy them, and then along came Yule. Ahhhh perfect for the battle. I dug out my trust wood burner and spent most of the day working on the mighty Oak king (me) sword. I am pretty proud of my first attempt.

The hardest part was burning on the curved surface of the handle. I included a before sword and and after sword. The crazy stick figure is my personal version of the Ogham Few "Doo-er" meaning "Oak" and an oak leaf on the opposite side of the blade.

Once I get that Weeny the Holly kings sword done I'll varnish them and post another pic.

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BrambleRose said...

beautiful swords!

I am Pagan as well, Merry Meet!