Monday, December 22, 2008

Yule Tide


Wow I had a great yule this year. This was the scene at our house just before the Oak King (me) beat the crap outta the Holly King, and took my rightful place on the throne to rule once again.

Sorry I haven't kept up on my blog lately, I got carried off by the Yule tides, busy doing services for the prison, Coven and yesterday at the Unitarian church. Who know they were Pagans?!?!

But wow, it's been a really great couple of days. I love Yule, you can celebrate the holiday season with all the feels of Christmas, but withOUT all the Christianity. It's what I love most about being a Pagan, all the holidays. All the celebrations, the food, fun and family, without the religious dogma.

So I've already got started on the spring cleaning, getting ready, gearing up for my first book. I wrote the Auguris a while back, and self publish it for Coven use, prison services and workshops, but close friends have been pushing me to expand on it *written explanations* chapter by chapter and I am finally gonna go for it. So here's another prescription from Magna Rota, the Wheel of the Year


To merry times the wheel now turns
In coven hearth the yule log burns
Jingles ward misfortune spurn
The rooster calls for the suns return
Merry vigil all mothers night
So tolls the bell at first light
Now comes the time for joy and mirth
As we hail the suns rebirth
Farthest light from farthest sun
the battle now has begun
Roll the wreath and burn the wheel
let vows beneath the bough now seal
Beset the wren birch rids in hand
Depose the old king for his last stand
Hail & wassail with evergreens & ale
Bury the bird and let the oak king prevail!
On Turns the Wheel.

Text Copyright Joseph Merlin Nichter 2006

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