Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Knight of Swords

Hmmm so much going on.... where to start....

Last week the Papa Goddess and I had a great conversation on Magic with Fr. B.H., we love to talk shop with him and his Gal, we have the best discussions, anyways I was talking about shielding, and how "heavy"the shield seems to feel sometimes having to use it so often, I realized in that conversation that it was not the shield that was heavy, but the necessity of using defense Magic so often that was a drain on my emotional stamina, even more so when it's a family member your defending yourself against.

That conversation started a train of thought that lead me to realize how much of my Magic is focused on defense. And today I didn't use the Shield, I used the Sword. I fought back, in self defense, and was very successful. I won't need to defend myself again for a very long time, if ever again. Sigh. Never give up your sword.

Umm.. my training is going good, I got to the gym just before the senors swim aerobics started and decided to push the envelope a bit, thought I would just do as many laps as I could before they kicked me out, then the personal challenge crossed my mind, could I do my "Big 5" before they started the class? Yes I did. in fact I did it in under 10 minutes, that's a personal record for me.

But no visit to the Steam sanctorum, it's being cleaned and upgraded all this week, and I am going through withdraws. Boiling yourself stupid isn't as effective. I have opened the second Gate and think I am seeing what I need to but it's too soon to tell.

When I opened the first Gate I thought I understood the meaning and lesson of a Virtuous Purpose, I thought I was done, but it was not until I performed the last rites that I REALLY understood what it was about. So I am taking the second Gate much slower and more seriously.

The Book is coming along nicely, I laid the cornerstone, that was the hardest part, the beginning. My wife suggested I just skip ahead to the parts I am ready to write, but it's not working that way for me. I need the cornerstone, the foundation comes first, then the house is built. I am proud of myself, its a great cornerstone.

It's nice to be the rider this time, instead of the horse.

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