Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't Be Afraid To Fall...

It's funny, I thought I was going to run out of cards. I always wondered what I would do when it happened. Just keep going? Start a new deck? Runes?

By the time I finish writing this it will be the 29th. This marks the year and a day commitment, and my oath fulfilled.

Tonight my Grandma pointed out a few leaves that never fell from the tree, and spent all winter dead dry husks still clinging to the tree. Fear.

She told me she was proud of me for being so brave. In Iraq, what I came home to, and the volunteer work I do in the prisons, without body armor.

She said it seemed funny that I should be afraid to publish my book. She was right. So this will be my last blog for a while, I am shifting gears and priorities. I have a new oath to fulfill. And less than a year and a day to fulfill it.

To my newer readers, I invite you to start here at the beginning and see what got us to here. Besides it's by far better work than the dribble I am peddling now. But wait there's more...

read now while you can, a friend mentioned a snag related to publishing blog pieces. I have a few choice pieces picked out already and will be removing them from here soon, so read them while there free. Hahaha.

Never give up your sword, and don't be afraid to fall. Trust me.


Lavanah said...

I will miss your blogging, but I am looking forward to your book. Do I have to wait for publication to find out what kind of cheese it is that you like?

Frater BH said...

Damn it. No Joe Blog. Bah! :O(

Rufus Opus said...

It's totally selfish of you to stop blogging.

It's not totally selfish of me to say so.

Jason Miller, said...

Speaking as an author myself, if you blog is really a distraction than drop it like a rock. The instant gratification of publishing a post is nothing in comparison to the satisfaction of having a full book on the shelves. The book is also a much greater service IMO.

Just don't self-publish or go with a vanity press like Lulu or publish america. Get a real publisher with real distribution.

That said, my blog was immensely helpful for getting me writing day in and day out when it came to the last book. I cranked out a quick post to get my fingers typing and to feel the jolt of releasing athought into the world, than jumped straight into whatever my assignment for the book was that day. Writing the blog actually made writing the book much easier.

Fergus the unknown said...

Ask yourself, WWHD?