Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eight of Pentacles

My first thought of this card was The Craftsman. Exploring that idea I remembered feeling that way about the Magician when I first started doing this.

Since then my interpretation of the Magician has changed. Just like The World card, the magician has evolved.

Originally in older decks the Magician was a Mountebank or a "sleight of hand" practitioner.

So my interpretation is that the now more prestigious Magician, was once nothing more than a street dealer, Three Card Monte anyone?

" I am not a magician in any sence of the word. I am a craftsman."

"I am a work in progress and so is my craft. This blog is only a small part of it, like the cards, a small window, to see me, like the Tarot card I hold in my hand. I am the card your holding in yours, the craftsman. Who knew."

I was particularly proud of that last part when I wrote it, I still am. It's more my style, more my mentality, more me. And not much has changed since then, I am still a work in progress, as still my craft.

I proudly take my time, my craftwork is not an assembly line. Each piece is "handmade" labor of love. It's a fitting card for my current position, I will keep it on my desk while I begin work on the book.

I have returned to the sacred inner temple of the sauna every day this week. Repeating the procedure, sauna, jacuzzi, swim five laps, jacuzzi, sauna. I cannot explain how much different I feel after just three days.

Every time I return to the sauna, I get it nice and hot and do my chants. By the time I get into the zone, I am exhausted. "Sit up straight" I hear it every time. Today I thought "I don't have the strength to be disciplined today"

I was then made to understand that discipline doesn't come from strength, it is strength that comes from discipline. Discipline comes from a virtuous purpose. I found the strength to sit up straight and hear more.


Anonymous said...

Evolution will occur when wiccan "healers" can file & be paid for, claims filed against insurance companies for,"in hospital healings" like Christian Scientist Practitioners have been allowed, by law, to do for many, many, many years. :>

My Gal said...

Great images! I love the idea of a craftsman toiling at his work, for the sake of the work and the virtuous purpose.

Man is that book ready yet? You are killing me!

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

I never linked ideas of the Magician with the Eight of Pentacles. I am going to have to think about that, especially considering (according to the GD version of small cards to Decans) that the Eight of Pentacles is my birth card.