Monday, January 12, 2009

Knight of Swords

The last four weeks of my life have been utter chaos. We had our first vacation time in over two years, as all of our clients went on vacation, hence we got a vacation, however they were quickly replaced by our four kids who ALSO got a vacation, hence no vacation for me.

I did enjoy it when the captain turning off the fasten seat belt sign and we were free to roam about the cabin. However I love structure, I blame the military. And by the time Christians were unwrapping there presents I was ready to continue with our regularly scheduled program.

Last night was our last night out, we had a blast, dinner for two, a really great movie. (Doubt! GO SEE DOUBT! OMGs I was soooo good!!!) Anyway, and we finished with a visit with old friends. And went home eagerly anticipating today's equalibrium. Clients go to work, kids go to school and I can begin a new. I had all my close laid out, and my schedule, Lodestone rit, breakfast, gym, chores, Book!

And so I awoke feeling like I had the flu, I rolled my tongue to curb the morning breath and felt what I only know as strep throat. I laid there really... not happy... pissed, pissed is good. But then I was reminded of something my mother learned from her work with the Avatars.

They taught her that when we get too close to crossing our different comfort zones, we experience symptoms like fatigue, sleepiness, hunger, and other primitive sensations. But these are only distractions, defense mechanisms of the subconscious, designed to "protect" us from anything deemed a threat, like dealing with repressed fears, my post traumatic stress and even simple changes.

So I had to ask myself, "self...are you really sick? Or is this the manifestation of a defense mechanism?" and my self replied..."I dare you to find out..." and it was on like Donkey Kong.

Soon after my wife returns from the bathroom and says "I feel like crap, I think I got strep throat from that lady at the movies..."

Two... count them... two defense mechanism manifestations... Ah Ah Ah...

Or... the lady with the smokers cough, sitting behind us in the movie theater was not a smoker. But it was too late for me, the challenge has already been accepted. I did considered the reality of possibility of contaminating others and decided that the highly chlorinated pool would be fairly safe, but when I got there, senor citizens were enjoying their water aerobics, so no laps.

I reasoned the the steam room would be a safe and sanitary alternative and proceed to cook my noodles good. Ironically I reached the altered state almost immediately, and maintained it for nearly an hour and was made to understand exactly what I needed to know at this point, nothing more, nothing less. It was just Perfect. Balance restored.

So, I started back on my old routine by totally breaking it, please pause for the irony.... it's old irony so it takes a seconds to warm up...

So, I am a man of my word, and I took the challenge. I ran home from the gym, it's about two miles and I ran about a mile and a half. near the first mile mark the sore throat turned into that old familiar burning in my lungs and it all came flashing back, my first run in boot camp, I thought I was going to die. Ten mile runs in Sinai, Egypt. Thirteen mile runs in combat boots, with a full ruck sack and weapon, in UNDER three hours. I lost several toenails that way, but that how you get your Wings baby!!!

Air Assault!

So, I made it home in one piece. That kind of hurt felt good. The idea was to throw some gasoline on this fever, and burn away all the impurities. It's too soon to declare a victory, I could just be going into shock. But I've showered, eaten a nice bowl of rice, kemchi and Trader Joe's chicken (I love my wife) and I feel great. So if it's turns out that I am am idiot and I get incinerated by the blazing inferno of pneumonia, at least the cause of death will be a virtuous purpose.

PS. looking at this card I don't think I am the knight, I feel like the horse hahaha.


Servitor Lucem said...

Strep throat? Don't be an ass, get to a doctor and get an antibiotic, if you have strep. Untreated, this will eventually lead to rheumatic fever and heart disease. Serious.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Hahaha well thank you for your condescending concern, but rest assured, I was not an "Ass" and did not actually have strep throat, but felt that was an accurate way to express myself that day, which was now been over seven days ago, Doc.

If you can't keep up on the conversations, it's best not to join in.

Had I actually seriously thought I had strep throat I wouldn't have gone to the gym ran two miles or visited a State Prison to see a man who was already sick enough.

But again, thank you for your concern if that's what you call it.