Monday, January 5, 2009

The sacred inner temple of... the sauna?

So working within the first Gate last night paid off. Although my comprehension was rudimentary, it was enough to get me started. I went to the gym to apply some knowledge, warmed up in the steam, then jacuzzi and then swam five laps. Boy am I out of shape!

So I worked my way back out, from pool to jacuzzi to steam. While in the steam I did a no-no and poured water in the thermostat to kick on the steam, repeatedly until it got to my "operating temperature" put on the head phones and rocked out till I felt close to the zone.

So I started to vibrate my opening chant when I was told to shut up, take that ridiculous thing off my head, sit up straight and listen. Apparently listening is something I have forgotten to do enough of.

I was then made to understand the necessity of a virtuous purpose. I will share more someday when I find the right words.

Blessed Be.

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