Friday, January 2, 2009

The Sun; hang on, we're making a U'iey!

Happy New Year! Wow, what a fitting card. I love Wicca, I love celebrating holidays (holy days) that are themed by the seasons. Life, Death and the current process of rebirth.

I am a morning person by nature and we are in the wee hours of the morning in the annual or solar sense. Celebrating Yule a few days before Christ-mas always throws off my clock off. By Christmas Eve I am already cleaning up and moving on. I spent Christmas day doing yard work and spring cleaning my Altar and workspace in preparation for my first book.

My craftwork is gauged on cycles; daily, monthly, yearly and I will have the privilege of witnessing the Galactic "new years" in 2012. These are always good times, celebration and starting anew. I need that clean slate from time to time, I think we all do. This one came just in the nick of time, skin of my teeth really, I'm talking hours!

As soon as I cleared a workspace, the work appeared. I have been presented with "a year and a days" worth of work. Literally. So during the next year I will be working my way through a series of "Gates", signified by Tarot combinations. I have already opened the first gate but have not completed my work within it and cannot comment further at this time. Sigh.

On a less mysterious note, I have seen my friends online take New Years vows and am inclined to follow suit. I don't have as much physical work to do, as I don't need to lose as much, if any weight, I just need to rearrange it a bit. I spent ten years of my life doing morning P.T. by Army standards and the last few years sleeping in and hibernating by bear standards. I used to be able to run over ten miles and whistle as I walked back to the car. I miss that.

I am suddenly aware of how potent my magic was back then, due to my physical conditioning compensating for my lack of experience. Now a days the majority of my talents come from knowledge and experience, which has compensated for my civilian gut. Although I make no solemn vow except this one:

To vigilantly seek a deeper understanding and knowledge of myself and seek self improvement, through the application of my craftwork and by unlocking the thirteen gates and the mysteries within, So Be It.

Blessed Be.

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