Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Tower, a card from the Joe Tarot

I took this picture the same day I took this one, and just like those others, I am especially proud of this one.

Today is my Birthday. Thanks you. It marks the anniversary of my Tarot Journal, I started on my Birthday last year and made a personal commitment to do it a year and a day before I gave it up.

I know that may sound like that fluffy Wicca, and that's ok. But don't underestimate the power running through the deep roots of that now "fluffy" stuff. Trust me.

A year and a day is a potent test. What have you done for a year and a day? What have you failed to do? Cause I got one more day baby! Although I didn't start Blogging my guts out publicly until August, I started out old school, with a nice pen and notebook But I soon realized I am lazy and cut corners when I am writing for myself, whereas writing for you I take much more seriously and thus, personal growth.

A year and a day is powerful, a lot happens in that time. My personal and professional advise for people is be together for a year and a day before getting married. Spend all four seasons with them first, you won't really know them until you have. We change with the seasons, we have are own internal seasons and you need to see them all before your tie the knot. Trust me.

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
is another one of those fluffy cliches even I rolled my eyes at until a few months ago, when I experienced the power and energy that is only created with these fluffy ingredients. It was incredible, it was so powerful it scared me. Watch out for us Fluffy Bunnies, we know some shit. Trust me.

So I have been giving the Tower a lot of thought lately. The first time I wrote about it was here, and it was about being in the Army during 9/11. Looking back I realized how much I wrote about the military and Iraq. Even now this picture reminds me on the one hundred foot water tower I spent days at a time on armed with a nice rifle, a big scope and a radio. I was "Big Brother" the eye in the sky. It was the safest place in Ar Ramadi, Iraq at the time. No ones going to shoot holes in the water supply. Trust me.

I look at all the towers I have lived on in my life. Not just in Iraq, but the citadels of the psyche. Those mental and emotional towers we brick ourselves up in. Pretentiousness is the cornerstone of the Ego tower, specially in Magic. I am a hundred and third degree High Grand Poobah and I know everything. Trust me.

I had a conversation with good friends some time ago about mentors. My friends and their various orders have them. I want one to, but the uniqueness of my path makes very few of us, thus my complaint. Since then I have watched people, in their towers, I realize I have a really good view...from mine...

Everyone who passes through my universe is a potential mentor. Everyone possesses valuable knowledge or presents a lesson for me, that's the test. Am I capable of recognizing them, can I see them from my tower? If not perhaps it's time to ride that lightning bolt and tear down the walls. It's really not that bad, trust me.

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