Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Came Up For Air...

Well Howdy! Has it been three weeks already? Wow, time sure flies when your unplugged! Hmm lemme see where do I start? Umm... I remodeled a bathroom and two bedrooms. We got a new shower, new drywall and new paint all around. We played musical rooms with our clients to make room for a new one and took the opportunity to spring clean my clients areas, now that was the Great Work! So he is settled in nicely, the new dust has settled and we all relaxed with a nice game of miniature golf Sunday morning. I know, tough job huh?

We celebrated Ostara last weekend with friends and family, it was great. Every Sabbat we say it's out favorite, until the next one comes along, then it's that one. Ostara was Great, we colored eggs and had a great hunt, The Papa Goddess says any holiday were you eat lots of chocolate is a GOOD holiday. We thought it was a fitting time to bless and consecrate our new Cauldron.

It's a replica of the Gundestrup Cauldron which is a beautiful peace of Pagan history, in fact the popular modern statues of Cernunnos were inspired by this piece. If you look at the back of the inside of the bowl you can see him in his classic pose holding the horned serpent that is so near and dear to my heart.

We cleanse it last new moon, blessed it at Ostara and among other things we use it as a Font in our religious services. Each month we take turns selecting a Plant/Herb to use in the infusion and teach what its medicinal and Magical properties are.

My kids and I make the trip up to the river, there's a special spot were we go, when we go. We fill the Cauldron with fresh river water and leave an offering. On the way back we stop and collect fresh plants for the wash. We use the National Audubon Societies Field Guide to North American Wildflowers to identify the plant we're looking for, take some for the infusion and some to dry, and leave an offering. It's great for the kids, we have fun comparing what we think we have to the many wonderful color pictures.

We opened up our last new moon ritual to non-initiates, and definitely benefited and enjoyed the experience. I realized that one of the benefits of being a Fluffy Bunny Wiccan is the potential for humor. At the critical and climatic moment in the ritual, the person of "attention" made a technical error pertaining to the operation of a tool. The undesired effect was a "DONK". The laughter that ensued was pure and refreshing bliss, even to the person who peed their pants. Thank you all for your pure hearts, love and trust, that's what real magic is made of.

We also Planted an Herb Garden/green house starter kit. Everyone planted a few of the twelve herbs we provided and we blessed them during the ritual. According to Llyewellyn's 2009 Herbal Almanac planting with the moon in Taurus is really good, things started in Taurus last longest and increase in value. Although I am a rabid advocate of the "thirteenth" zodiac system that Nostradamus used, I don't mind when the "twelve" system gives a preferential forcast. We're going to start them off the way I started my first Sage plant, with charged water. It has proven to make a noticeable difference.

I took this picture on the left last October, and this one on the right just a while ago. She's a buddin' as we speak! In a few weeks I'll cut a large stalk to dry and break out the Essential Boil still! I can't wait, so I'll be keeping myself busy making candles and getting back to work on my book.

I cranked out ten chapters but had to stop and do all that work on the house, instead of pushing forward, I'm taking the next few days to take a fresh look at what I've done so far. Already found some room for improvements and have added another two pages to what I already had. I received an encouraging letter from my future editor and am really getting excited about this.

I am also excited about the impending visit from East Coast Medicine Man Jason Miller, and am hoping to get his signature on my copy of Protection and Reversal Magic, which was the first book used in my STAMPP program at the Prison.

See you when I need more air... Blessed Beeez

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Breaking the Silence

...The Matrix is all around us, it's there when you go to work, when you pay your bills, when you go to church...

I have often used one of my all time favorite movies as an allegory when talking about organized religion, but not just the church, and not just organized.

It really applies to those "one true faiths" which sadly has come to include some factions of Wicca or the one true Wicca. So I invite You elites to take a due and proper measure of my butt and give it a good smooch!

So in the last five weeks I have applied the matrix alligory to the internet. I was inspired to unplug myself from the Matrix and commit myself to my true work. And quickly realized how difficult it was to stay off line and remain unplugged.

I dare you to try it. Stay of the net for five days, and see just how often your thoughts will drift to your favorite blog, viral video, online community and other bookmarks. I would sit down to write and think of a reason to log on and "just check something real quick". Later realizing that I had been doing stuff all day, but not actually getting anything done at all.

I changed the screen saver on my new laptop to this digital rain, it reminds me every time I sit down to do so work.

My wife has been my driving force and constant support. She hid my modem, and when sat down to write, several pages came flooding out. Since then I have written over seven chapters but still have over twenty-something to go. I must say that sitting down and writing out what I do and how I do it have been an amazing experience for me. I have had quite a bit of realizations about myself and my craft. And I have also decided that all the money I make off the book will go to fund the Carser Via program.

One of the many things I have accomplished while being freed from the Matrix was guest speaking at California State University of Fresno, along with Fr.BH his Gal and some others from our community. Our friend Penny teaches religious anthropology and is going to write a book I would describe as similar to Drawing Down the Moon, only more current and with a local focus.

So I did four lectures in one day, and my wife recorded one of them for my Mom who wanted badly to be there, as she in now brimming with pride for her boy. So we put it up on you tube for her and anyone else who might be interested. It's in five small chunks because that's how you tube works.

As uncomfortable as I have been with the whole you tube thing I must admit there is an odd fascination with watching myself and seeing what I consider to be room for improvement. But in any case it's been fun and I am definitely putting the experience to good use. Don Micheal Kraig told me that there is no failure only feedback, so if you have any feel free to share it unless you totally hated it in which case you can get inline behind the snobby wiccans and pucker up.

Blessed Be