Sunday, April 26, 2009

A PathFinders Life in Bloom

That's how my life feels right now, blooming. As usual there is a lot going on, but not so much that you loose track...get it?

The first degree of our tradition is mainly about "the gift of direction" and I believe that a sense of direction (spiritual or otherwise) is exactly that. a gift.

I was born with a great sense of direction, my soldiers called me the human compass. The Military taught me land navigation and provided the necessary tools. And in turn I have applied this experience spiritually.

My closest friend took this picture with his camera phone while I was meditating on the dilemma of my own direction, another gift. See as these tracks were being laid, the train sat a few hundred yards behind just waiting to go forward. We as Pagans, have hundreds of Pagan trains carrying thousands of Pagan passengers which are just waiting while only a handful of workers are doing the hard labor of laying the tracks.

I realized recently that I have befitted far more from the obstacles which have been placed in my path, than I have from the smooth sailing. I realize that I work harder when there is resistance, I run faster when there is someone on my heels, and when you tell me it can't be done I am driven to find a way. That's what Pathfinders do, we find a way, we Make a way. I was a Combat Engineer, it's in my nature to "breach the obstacle" each one is a personal challenge.

So to all you obstacles out there, thank you. To those who tried to hold me back, thank you. To those who tried to stop me, thank you. To the one who lied to me, thank you. And to the one who recently threatened me, thank you most of all. It's because of you that I'm doing something something that's never been done before, something you could never do. Thank you for trying to stop me, thank you for being a magnificent obstacle.

This picture is one of my better ones. It's from this Blog post about my ditching my Seminary homework to go Kayak. Well the weathers nice again and I dusted off the ol' float and took my kids up to the river and taught them the basics. Speaking as a proud father, my kids are naturals.

It is an indescribable sense of pride to watch other people as they watch your child do something really cool. I love being a Dad.

Speaking of Pride, the Papa Goddess and I spent the better part of Friday at the Special Olympics. One of our clients was competing so we all went to support him. My family has many traditions, some magical and some not so magical. I am the fourth generation care provider, which I consider very very powerful magic. It has an effect on you, being around developmentally disabled.

It really develops and exercises what I consider to be underdeveloped emotional muscles in us "normal people". I saw someone mentally handicapped sing the national anthem, very well. It was a moving experience,the last time I cried for the flag, I was in uniform.

We spent the day watching wheel chair races and "soft ball shot put". It was great to cheer for people running in a race who could barely walk without assistance, you could see it in their faces. It was great to cheer for people who really put there heart into what they were doing, it wasn't about first place, it was about the finish line. The Pride, accomplishment of participation. It was great to cheer for people...

I love my job. I love my life. I love my path, thanks for getting in my way.