Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama Always Said...

I have often said that I have "Forrest Gump-ed" my way through life. Some things I consciously decide to do, or not. But life is what happens to you anyway. Things happen for a reason, and for those of you who disagree, things happen to me for a reason.

A big part of our craft teaches the proper expression of will, like Neo we recreate our own Matrix as we see fit. A magnificent obstacle told me I was not "qualified" to do what do and that I had to stop, I of course disagreed and took the attack as a personal challenge in more than one way.

Using our ritual technology, I "properly expressed" myself in order to make adjustments to my world. And it worked. I took this picture of our state capital on Thursday, it would later be the scene of a candlelight vigil for the law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty this past year.

I as a Chaplain participated and assisted in four separate memorial ceremonies, went on a Police ride-along, and on Friday I shook hands with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger then I and the rest of the Chaplains had our photo taken with with him.

A friend once asked me why I do the rituals that I do. I had said because they're mine, the result of years of hard work and development of hereditary knowledge. I failed to point out another very important reason, which is quite simply because they work. I will soon have my copy of a picture which I will submit as exhibit "A".

Once I started my training I realize that the magnificent obstacle was right, I wasn't qualified, WE weren't qualified! There are some serious academics required to be a Chaplain and I have already acquired the minimum of those qualifications, and am well on my way to getting the rest. Someday I will be teaching them to other Pagans, we need to be qualified.

The training brought up many issues. Issues that I need to address, issues that need to be addressed by a great many for a great many, but for now that's all I have to say about that...