Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Thin Blue Line

Like many, our Shield holds deep meaningful symbolism. One of those its the pillar of white between to black sides symbolizes the strength of wisdom and the division of ignorance. The pillar straight through the center of a crest also denotes a military strength similar to the Paladins. I always liked that one.

Thanks to some very special letters written by some very special people in the Department of Corrections, I am now in Sacramento receiving some very special training. Today I participated in two law enforcement memorial services paying tribute to the Police and Sheriffs Deputies who were killed in the line of duty, it was an extraordinary experience which I immediately related to my military background.

This afternoon I did a ride along with a Sacramento Police officer. We hit it off quite well, he was in the Army too, we were both stationed at Fort Campbell and had many personal things in common. In our time together we responded to four calls, the evening s events included lights, sirens and high speeds which I was strangely comfortable with. And I one point gun were drawn, air support was called in and I had to wait in the cruiser. I miss the Army.

Within our first ten minutes on the street in noticed how everyone reacted to our presence. Fear...fear...contempt....fear......people trying to be slick and put on their seat belts. People trying to look but not be seen. I saw this guy risk his life tonight, and I saw people fear and hate him just before and just after he did it. How often are we happy to see them? How lucky are we to have them. Tonight I witnessed a disgraceful imbalance, tonight I learned that there is only a thin blue line separating us from mortal dangers.

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