Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Fruits of Labor

I am so proud of my kids. My younger daughter Has been an Honor Roll student for almost three years running. It's like the Olympics; they give you a bronze your first time, silver the second and Gold for your third. Since then she has been accepted into the Gate program for advanced students and if she keeps this up next year she will get a letter from President Obama.

My older daughter is loving Military School and is accelerating academically as well. She also was selected for a special program, as one of her schools top ten students she will be participating in an computer technologies internship program to create taylor-made computer systems for various organizations.

My own labors are bearing fruit as well, our Coven has been a legally recognized religious organization for a few years now, but recently we stepped up the game and filed for 501(c)(3) church status. We are now Mill Creek Church! More on that as it develops.

As I lay my ear to the ground I can hear the stampede coming, there is much more fruit to bear, and it is with eager anticipation that I must wait to make some important announcements...


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Lavanah said...

And the lovely thing about tending your grove and collecting the fruits of your labor, is that it is no final harvest, the trees will bear for years to come. Your pride and joy in your childrens achievements, and your own, are well deserved. Congratulations.