Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Fruits of Labors

I have on many occasions mentioned how blessed my life has been. One on my greatest blessings has always been my Dad(s).

On at least two occasions (here & here) I have shared about my Father(s). My biological father was around during my early life. I knew him, but due to his lifestyle I distanced myself from him. Fortunately I had another one.

They both served as equal and opposite examples, of how to be and how not to be. I really wanted to be like him, he was cool like the Fonz. He always rode a motorcycle or drove some kinda hot rod car, when he had a car. He got lots of chicks, a different one every time I saw him and always lived in really cool places, a different one every time I saw him. I went to visit him every time he was in jail.

I was just like him, I had wrecked a few bikes and been through a few cars too. I had lots of girlfriends, they loved my bike. I moved around a lot, and even lived in an abandoned KOA lodge by the ocean for a while. I could drive my bike right inside the back door so no one could see it, and I lived upstairs in the loft and I was cool, just like the Fonz. When I got sent to jail for being just like him, I even got the same cell. Aaaaaaay...

That was the day I realized I was idolizing the wrong one. I had often joked that my other Dad was like Ward Cleaver, straight and narrow. Square. He worked over time, double time, night school, weekends, and still had time to throw a ball at my face and teach me how to tie my shoes and to aim when I pee. He put up with all my crap, all my phases, all my mistakes, all of my teenage angst, animosity and arrogance. Golly Geez Pop' howja do that?

We went camping last week, we do now every Mid-summer just before Fathers day. We talked and smoked cigars, it's our thing. We talked about life, kids, grand kids and "step-kids". He told me how proud he was of me, for what I had done with my life and who I had become. This kind of compliment was NEVER given, it was earned. I am the fruit of his labors, which is the best fathers day present a son could ever give or receive.

and that was the best dam cigar the Beaver have ever had...

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