Friday, July 3, 2009

The Knight of Wands

I've come so far. I motto is "I've done so much, with so little, for so long, now I can do anything, with nothing"

There was a time when I was the Page of Wands, young and passionate, full of ideas, aspirations and lots hot air. But to me the wands are just that, the passionate communication of thoughts and messages. Speculative mechanics.

But I am an air sign several times over, so it all fits together quite nicely. In the Native path I am "Ah-Ga-Lv-Ga" the whirlwind, it is the equivalent to a zodiac sign. Blessed with the spirit of air, this is very amusing to those who know me, because I never shut up. Blessed with the spirit of hot air.

But that's what I do well. I talk. Just talk. But talking can be a powerful thing when your speaking magic words. As a knight of Wands I have waged war against religious discrimination. I have rode into battle alone, armed with a message. We are not what you think.
My crusade has been to change their minds, to show them, and so far I have won.

Today at the Prison I started my fifth program. They were all very new, and I felt like His Gal when she said she was jealous. I enjoyed seeing the newness of it all in someones eyes again.
The passionate reunion with a lost birth rite, homecoming. It renews my own faith every time I see it.

On the way home I made a stop at a State Hospital. They are in need of some assistance with their Wiccans and though some networking made contact with me. I received a very warm welcome and enjoyed a great talk with staff there. While in that talk a man joined the conversation and turned out to be the husband of a friend and chaplain at my prison. We all hit it off quite well and may be expanding my ministry.

I am the Knight of wands, and this is my new steed.

I love my wife, so much. She knew how much I missed riding.

She pushes me, she encourages me and she enables me to do what I do.

Without her I would not be who I am today.

And I wouldn't be doing it on my new Harley. "The Nimbus 2007" HD.

Thanks Mama, Blessed Be.

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