Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kangaroo Magic

At long last I have become somebody! I wrote my first article for Witchvox several years ago. It was probably the first thing I ever wrote, l guess it was ok but looking back I would've written it a lot differently.

Every Saturday night they update the articles, but we are usually entertaining guests and/or recovering from ritual by then so I look forward to reading the new articles Sunday mornings over a cup of coffee.

I must admit it does feel good to be "published", even online by a site as well known as Witchvox, of which I am a proud sponsor. If you have a profile, advertisement or group listing you should be a sponsor too.

Witchvox provides a valuable service for free, well free to you. Much like public television, it survives on donations from people like you and me. So just freakin' pay the measly freakin' couple of bucks your just gonna blow on Starbucks anyways!!!

Oh yeah, and click on the Kangaroo Crossing sign to read my article on Kangaroo Magic at Witchvox. It's got a nice twist in it, I hope you like it.


Oleke said...

HAHA! You got me Bro! Nice twist.

The Scribbler said...

Very empowering. Thank you.

May God give us all the wisdom and perceptiveness to know the difference between good guidance and kangaroo lies!

Anonymous said...

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